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Longfield History

The main house at ‘Longfield’ was built in the 1840’s by William Folliard, who was a widower from Northern Ireland. The house was built from solid stone carted by horse and sulky from a nearby quarry and incorporated a unique stone layering pattern to help prevent ground moisture damage. The property was named ‘Longfield’ after the Irish county ‘Langfield,’ where the Folliards originated.

The house is Georgian in layout yet also has the feel of a rural farm cottage dwelling. Georgian houses during this era were known for their monumental, symmetric appearance and implicit grandeur. However, ‘Longfield’ is somewhat unique in this regard, with a farmhouse vernacular and practicality about it, typical of an Australian rural bush dwelling of its era.

‘Longfield’ was purchased by Jacob Baxter and his wife Rebecca in 1880. The Baxters built the stables and the coach and sulky shed to the west of the house. The property was held by the Baxter Family until around 1950.

Peter and Robbie purchased ‘Longfield’ in 1989 and by this time the house hadn’t been lived in for 40 years. They fell in love with the essence of the house and the feel of the surrounding landscape immediately. When they arrived, the back door was open, and cows were wandering through the house. They completed some restoration works including replacement of the flooring and the addition of a sunroom to the north of the house. Peter and Robbie have three daughters who have been lucky enough to grow up at this magical place.

Jacob Baxter's daughters in the Garden at Longfield, with their mother Rebecca standing behind. Taken in the early 20th century around the time of Olive's wedding in 1915.
The wedding of Olive May Baxter in 1915, daughter of Jacob and Rebecca Baxter who lived at Longfield at this time. Photo taken in front of the northern wall at Longfield. One of the first weddings to be held at Longfield.
Robbie in her element at ‘Longfield,’ 2021.
Peter at ‘Longfield,’ 2021
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